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Stop Smoking - It Pays!

Smoking ONE pack of cigarettes a day costs about $1,440 a year! If you saved that money and put it in the bank, you'd have a $43,200 "nest egg" after thirty years.

Other Good Reasons to Stop Smoking Now:

  • Smokers have 15-25 times the cancer rate of non-smokers.
  • Non-smoking women have a 35% higher risk of lung cancer if their spouses smoke.
  • 85% of lung cancer in men and 75% in women is caused directly by cigarette smoking.
  • In the United States alone, 300,000 deaths per year are related to smoking.
  • Men who smoke 1-2 packs of cigarettes per day have a 90% earlier death rate than that of non-smokers.
  • The reasons to stop smoking are endless....

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The time to make the critical decision to Stop Smoking is now! Your phone call to schedule an appointment will just take a minute. Don't hesitate. Call 314-878-STOP (7867) for more information about our exciting and successful method to quit the habit!

The stop smoking treatment takes about 30 minutes. We simply apply a light, electrical stimulation to precise points on the external ear. Occasionally, a second treatment is beneficial, and we offer free "boosters" for an unlimited period of time post-treatment if a patient remains smoke free.

The benefits will continue for the rest of your life.

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Auriculotherapy (also called Auricular Therapy) is a proven, effective, and painless tool to enable one to quit smoking by minimizing cravings and calming the nervous system. It is a safe and pain-free treatment to the outside of the ears (auricles) at specific trigger points.

Auriculotherapy is by far the most effective way to stop smoking today. A desire to discontinue nicotine use is not necessary for a successful result. Our modified procedure uses principles similar to acupuncture, but without needles or pain. By stimulating specific points, we can intercept messages sent by the brain to the body that cause it to demand more nicotine. This disrupts the addictive process. In most cases, relief of cravings is noticed immediately after just ONE treatment! There are no known adverse side effects. The treatments are non-invasive and remarkably effective.


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Stop Smoking

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